24 Hour Turn Time

24 hour turn timeTurn time! We think of these two words as some of the most important to our business model, because they are some of the most important words for our customers. Every order seems to be needed ASAP these days. Things come up, and who wants to send off an order and then sit around twiddling thumbs for days, even weeks? With our competitors’ companies, sadly, this is all too often the case.

But not anymore. No need to plan weeks ahead! With Advanced-Online, gone are the days of anxiety and impatience, of turn-around time that becomes more like stand-still time. Turn time is crucial to us, since we know it’s crucial to you.

Because of that, we want to make you a promise. Your orders with us will ship within 24 hours. (It’s okay if you need to go back and read that last sentence again. We’ll wait.) We want you to know that when you click that final “order” button, it won’t just head off into cyberspace where you’ll worry about ever hearing from it again. With us, you won’t have to worry anymore.

There is just one catch we need to tell you about: personalized orders. If you personalize your order, it will ship within 72 hours. We know, it’s a little longer. But we want to take the time to get your personalization right. And we still think that three days is a lot shorter than “10-25 business days.”

Intrigued? Interested? You don’t just have to take our word for it. Send off an order and then get that stopwatch going. You might just be amazed at what happens.