Advanced-Online and Mooney Join Forces

Advanced-Online and Mooney are partnering up to create an online store for their aircraft enthusiasts and followers. With this online store employees and the public will have access to purchase merchandise such as top-of-the-line apparel items, executive gifts, personalized pens and much, much more. The updated store will offer next day shipping and gives the buyers access to purchase these items from their tablets, computers and smart phones.

About Mooney

Mooney is an 88-year-old company that operates like a start-up company innovating the world with its Mooney aircraft models. They are a team of engineers, industrial designers and professionals that have put in hours of research and testing to create the perfect aircraft. Mooney’s team prides themselves in being the industry’s leaders and continue to portray the vision of founder Al Mooney. A passion for speed, strength and safety.

About Advanced-Online, a Follett Company

Advanced-Online specializes in no inventory, online company stores for corporations, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities. Unlike any other provider, Advanced-Online has the unique capability to decorate apparel, promotional merchandise and printed materials on-demand, and all under one roof. There are no minimum order quantities and most orders ship out within the next 24 hours of the placed order.

Together Advanced-Online and Mooney will provide merchandise that will bring brand awareness all over the world. For more information and to start shopping, please visit