Advanced-Online is pleased to announce the launch of the official Daher-Socata/TBM online store featuring TBM aircraft products.  Their customers, dealers, employees and TBMOPA members will now be able to purchase merchandise such as apparel, hats, and bags representing the TBM brand using the store created by Advanced-Online.  Advanced-Online is excited to be involved in the success of the TBM Aircarft online store.

Daher-Socata Aircraft is a producer of general aviation aircraft propelled by piston engines and turboprops, including business planes, small personal or training aircraft, as well as the production of aircraft structures for other manufacturers such as Airbus, Dassault, Embraer, Eurocopter, and Lockheed MArtin.  The company headquarters is currently located in Tarbes, France.

For more information, please visit www.TBMStore.com