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The Southland Conference started in 1963 including schools including 12 schools from 3 states. The Southland Conference encompasses more than 180,000 students and approximately 920,000 alumni. The Southland sponsors 17 championship sports, all at the Division 1 level, and in 2008 launched the Southland Conference Television Network that will expand its reach to roughly 10 million households throughout Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Understanding the Challenges

Members of the Southland Conference management team were spending significant time devoted to working with an outside vendor to provide onsite championship merchandise for sale at championship events. The designs of championship merchandise were not at a high level. Additionally, the Southland Conference team did not have a successful online store to offer merchandise for championship events or for merchandise for each school. Also, many Southland Conference schools did not have successful online stores for their athletics departments.

Setting New Objectives

The Southland Conference team set out to find a vendor that could provide a game day solution for championships with high end graphic designs for all championship events. Additionally, Southland was determined to find a vendor that could provide an online store solution with a broad selection of merchandise for all Southland schools while supporting all championship merchandise online.

The Advanced-Online Solution

Advanced-Online took responsibility of all designs of championship merchandise for every championship event held by the Southland Conference. Advanced-Online provided ordering capability for all schools to access championship merchandise, ordering capability for championship merchandise to be sold at events on demand as needed, as well as online winner’s gear for all championship winners for all sports for all schools.

Advanced-Online also provided a marketing package of promotional flyers, merchandise bags branded with the online store address and banners to help market the online store at the championship events.

The Advanced-Online solution has been so successful that 7 of the Southland Conference schools have selected Advanced-Online as their official athletic online store supplier. Each school is able to gain from the synergy created by the work done by the Southland Conference team.


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