GM Financial

GM Financial is a global provider of automobile finance solutions, with operations in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Latin America. Through their long-standing relationships with auto dealers, they offer attractive retail loan and lease programs to meet the unique needs of each customer. They also offer commercial lending products to dealers to help them finance and grow their businesses. GM Financial has operations in 17 countries, providing auto finance solutions to over 13,000 dealers worldwide and earning assets of $28

Understanding the Challenges and Setting Objectives

GM Financial needed an online ordering system to provide marketing related products to Dealer Marketing Reps, Dealers and employees. The company also needed to control the quality of the brand of GM Financial and AmeriCredit on all stationery, print materials, promotional and apparel products. High on the list of priorities for GM Financial was the desire for tight spending controls, reporting and tools to access spending information.

The Advanced-Online Solution

Advanced-Online took over production and fulfillment of business cards, stationery, printed marketing materials, banners, promotional and apparel products needed by Dealer Marketing Reps, Dealers and employees throughout the company. Advanced-Online also produces award plaques for employees and dealerships. Plaques are easily ordered online and personalized on-demand.

Advanced-Online set up the GM Financial online store to allow both brands of merchandise (GM Financial and AmeriCredit) to be available to the entire company based on their needs. Advanced-Online set up the online store for GM Financial according to the unique requirements of different groups in the company.

Advanced-Online set up an intricate approval system for all Dealer Relationship Managers and company purchases to control spending and products ordered. Also developed was an internal tool to allow GM Financial staff to review information about all orders and provide internal service information to employees if needed.