transfirst-epayment-services-78343700TransFirst is among the nation’s premier providers of transaction processing services and payment processing technologies. TransFirst offers a comprehensive suite of products and services and customized credit card processing programs uniquely tailored for the special business needs of financial institutions, independent sales organizations and referral/reseller partners.

Understanding the Challenges

TransFirst grew by acquisition while developing a broad array of products and services within numerous business channels. During this process, it became a serious management challenge to control the brand, spending and the ability to make different marketing products available to each business channel.

Setting New Objectives

Members of the TransFirst marketing and management team determined to consolidate the ordering process for each division. While growing through acquisition of divisions, TransFirst had accumulated numerous ordering environments that needed to be consolidated in order to improve brand control and communication to the field about products available.  Independent Sales Organizations/Reps, Financial Institutions, and various divisions needed real time access to specialized products branded for their specific needs with variable payment requirements.

Caris Life Sciences’ internal marketing team needed a solution to automate the ordering and distribution of materials to their clients, the doctors at their clinics. Caris also need a reporting system to measure accountability of the products used, an approval system, online customization of forms by doctor/clinic, and sophisticated integration with their internal cost accounting system. Additional goals were cost control, customer service, speed, and inventory management.

The Advanced-Online Solution

Advanced-Online took control of all products needed by Caris’ clients including printed materials, lab supplies, forms, promotional items and other miscellaneous products while creating a single online ordering process to support all clients. Additionally, stationery and internal products were added with a portal for employee or internal purchases.

Advanced-Online set min and max levels for all inventory items based on historical use to eliminate back orders to customers. An automated process for replenishing inventory levels and approvals were next put in place. With tight controls and reliable data, obsolete product spoilage dropped drastically. Back orders and delays to customers were virtually eliminated. Shipping was also streamlined and costs were reduced.