There are many benefits for companies that loosen access and tighten control with quality online company stores. Companies also report administrative efficiencies and optimal use of resources. Finally, and perhaps the most important, online company stores keep your brand consistent on all customer-facing materials, one of the hardest aspects to control in marketing. Your brand is valuable. Advanced-Online will help you protect it.

Must have factors Benefits Compare with Advanced-Online
No upfront costs for inventory Don’t tie up your cash in inventory. Pay as you order Zero Upfront Inventory Costs
Low Online Store Cost The most cost effective models collect profits from consistent repeat orders, not web technology Programs are provided at no cost to businesses that meet the minimum yearly total spending
Few back-orders You don’t have time to wait. Products branded on demand mean your size, color, style and quantity are always in stock Less than ¼ a percent in back-orders. Advanced-Online stocks store items on our production floor in blank and ships complete orders within 24 hours
No order minimums Order minimums increase your chance of obsolete inventory because most likely you will order additional product you don’t need. Order just one at a time. There are no order minimums on anything
Reporting Tools In seconds, know where company money is spent without having to collect and analysis reports from multiple vendors. Sophisticated real-time reporting is available 24/7 online. Reports view reports are customized to your needs
Automated budget control features Automated budget control features prevent overspending Budget features can meet any requirements no matter how stringent
Automated approval hierocracy An automated approval hierocracy prevents unauthorized orders Approvals for items over specific dollars amounts, quantities or from departments or individuals can be setup at anytime
On-demand production On-demand production reduces the risk of obsolete inventory. Don’t tie up your cash flow by paying for product you don’t need Products are not created until you order them.
Variable Content Templates Every end user has their own set of objectives. Let end users customize their products from pre-approved definable templates mtools (marketing tools) are available at no cost to program users. You’ll view a proof online, approve and submit your order
Provider Owned E-commerce technology Outsourcing the e-commerce technology most likely means you’ll pay additional fees that would be free with other providers E-commerce technology is built, owned and operated by Advanced-Online
Minimal Outsourcing Companies that outsource logistics, generally translates to poor post-sale performance because they lose control over production time, customization, cost, and quality. Advanced-Online does not outsource product decoration, technology, fulfillment or distribution
A Product Pricing Matrix A pricing matrix eliminates surprise costs and wasted time on negotiation. Knowing what you will pay for your branded products lets you accurately forecast budgets for the year. Your Pricing Matrix should include any fees like decoration, handling, picking, and packaging All Advanced-Online Program customers receive the same pricing. Prices include all fees so the price you see if the total price you’ll pay with the exception of tax and shipping
Quick Turn Around Turn time is crucial. Orders should be ready within 24 -72 hours Almost all Advanced-Online orders are ready to be shipped next day
One store for Everything Centralize your apparel, promotional, marketing, HR and print related needs for convenience, control and the financial benefit. If end users have a hard time finding what they need, they will access it on their own from the most convenient source Products stored in other locations can be added it to your program so that your staff will be able to conveniently access branded product they need from one single location
Automated Accounting System Your accounting department should have to do minimal work to keep up with your online ordering program Advanced-Online has automated with many complex accounting programs like Ariba
Financial Stability Work with someone who will still be in business next month. Advanced-Online has been in business for more than 25 years and is financially stable, owning the Production Facility, almost all of the production decoration equipment and all inventory
References Get references. Research the history of the providers you are considering with their customers to learn more about their operations Reputable industry leaders trust Advanced-Online. See what they said on our homepage!


Interested in seeing how other companies operate their online company store programs?

Tour the state-of-the-art Advanced-Online Production Facility. Schedule a time by emailing or calling Elissa Turner – – 214.662.0889. Advanced-Online is located next to the DFW airport in Dallas, TX 750 Gateway Blvd Coppell, TX 75240.