Online Store Solutions from Advanced Online

Hello, I’m Mike Standish, President of Advanced-Online. We’re the leading supplier of online store solutions for corporations, colleges and the Greek market. Over time, we have developed a unique business solution for online store clients unlike any competitor in the industry.

There are no minimum order quantities, we produce the items on demand in our facility, orders are shipped in 24 hours, and there’s no requirement for the client to purchase inventory.

Let’s say you have an employee named Susie working in California who placed an order last night for a couple of pens, polos, an engraved keychain, and a skin for her laptop. Our system routes each product to the appropriate equipment. Early today, Susie’s five different items are produced on demand, one piece at a time, by five different staff members, along with many other orders. Each part of Susie’s order meets in Shipping by three o’clock. The products are placed in one box and shipped today. This is a feat that no competitor can accomplish.

Because we stock a couple thousand different products, this allows our clients to have a very broad selection of product options without inventory responsibility.

We have great people on our team, new product lines and software features in development to help serve our clients. Prospective customers are invited to fly in and tour our facility.

There is no better way to make a good business decision than seeing our operation firsthand with your own eyes. So I hope you’ll visit us and see how we might provide a great solution for your organization.