Our Team

Advanced-Online Supports Every Program with a Team of Professionals

We like to think of ourselves as superheroes of sorts. You need us and we will be there! While we don’t have a bat-signal, you will have a single point of contact (PM) that will communicate within our in-house professional group. No more multiple emails, or being placed on hold for different departments, we make it simple and easy. If you have any general questions, the Advanced-Online customer care center is always ready and happy to assist you.

Program Management Team

Once you get the framework down for what you are looking for, a quick-acting team will begin working on your site’s front end. A senior Program Manager (PM) will oversee the process. The PM will also be establishing your product line, loading each item into the web platform, overseeing the day-to-day operations,completing custom orders, sourcing materials, and communicating with the art department on a regular basis to make sure everything is perfect. Your PM is a wizard that manages to take everything you want and turn it into a reality.

Graphics Team

We have an in-house team of incredibly talented graphic artists that can create everything you need. General and custom design, preparing files for production and creating custom web images for your site are just some of the things they are capable of. Each graphic on your site needs its own set of graphic files, and we can do this all at Advanced-Online.

National Account Sales

National Account Sales teamgets the word out about your product and service offerings to your clients. They are aggressively talented individuals who create a buzz around your products. Our goal is to get prospective clients excited about your product and our national account sales team puts it into motion.

Production Team

There are a few specific production steps that must be taken before getting your product out to market. First we load your product into our web platform and electronic spec sheets are auto-created. Production and Graphics departments work together to perfectly match your PMS colors, thread colors, creating any shells necessary for print products, setting up decals and magnets, and building screens and transfers for apparel and promotional products. All the dirty work is done with our hard-working production team.

Customer Care Center

The Advanced-Online Customer Care Center is where your end users will be able to call and get help. Our trained and friendly staff is there to help with any questions or concerns your clients may have. This team can assist new users in placing orders, product information, order status, returns and exchanges. We can take care of all the administration and customer support so you can focus on other things. Email requests are responded to in an outstanding 15 minutes or less. I know, mind=blown.