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Providing a single site that fits the needs of new members, active members, their families, and alumni for every chapter across the country is no easy task.

For thousands of individuals, Greek life is often one of the most memorable aspects of their college experience. It takes a special company to ensure that new memories are made and old ones are honored through the act of selling branded merchandise.

Thankfully, Advanced-Online does just that. By offering hundreds of items on-demand and becoming a platform that can reach all of your chapters and their respective alumni, Advanced-Online is a one-of-a-kind solution to help your organization thrive.

Increase pride for your greek organization with Advanced-Online

What value can our solution provide your organization?

  • Consolidate all headquarter and staff orders to one place
  • Monthly and custom promotions
  • Offer recruitment material (such as customized bid and chapter business cards) to all of your chapters
  • Royalty collection on all retail sales
  • Sell personalized jersey tees for intramurals

And more!

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