On-Demand Production

On-demand production means nothing is pre-decorated. Only once an order hits our system will we pull the appropriate blank and use the predetermined decoration/logo option to produce the ordered product.

This production strategy offers numerous advantages for our partners; no inventory liability, ability to offer all company logos, freedom to select and constantly update the product line, and more.

Compared to traditional production methods, where inventory costs can be high and accurate forecasting is crucial, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are making the switch to on-demand services.

What does on-demand production mean to me?

With on-demand production, there are virtually no liabilities or risks to you. It’s possible to offer over a thousand items to your customers, all branded with your company’s logo(s), without committing to a single piece of inventory.

Even in the space of on-demand production, our solution is very unique. With us, you’ll get an online store solution where apparel, bags, personalized items, drinkware, and other promotional items can all be bought in quantities as low as 1.

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How are you able to offer this much value?

Our solution provides this much value by utilizing our proprietary technology, having a dedicated team of experts (ranging from customer service all the way to account managers), forming strategic partnerships with vendors, continuous re-investing into the company, and having all aspects hosted under one roof.

Still have questions?

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